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The Natural History Museum’s acclaimed Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and exhibition ignites curiosity about the natural world by showcasing Earth's extraordinary diversity and highlighting the fragility of wildlife on our planet. The competition inspires people to think differently about their relationship with nature and uses the uniquely emotive power of photography to move hearts and minds.
An international showcase of the very best in nature photography, Wildlife Photographer of the Year is one of the Museum’s most successful, long-running exhibitions. The first competition was held back in 1964, with just three categories and around 600 entries. The competition has grown considerably since then with the latest WPY58 competition receiving 38,575 entries from 93 countries across 19 categories.
The most prestigious wildlife photography competition in the world, this brand celebrates and amplifies the power of photography, telling nature’s stories through the lenses of photographers from all across the world. 
If you are interested in becoming a licensee for this brand, please contact us and start a conversation.
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